Tuesday, March 04, 2008


I was all gung-ho to go on another walk with Paul yesterday evening to take advantage of the great weather (since I was too lazy to get up early and ride my bike to work), but then instead we sat on our behinds and ate yummy food for three hours...but I have an excuse: Hannah's friend Susan's parents couldn't make it to the cooking demonstration at the Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle, so they offered it to Paul and me at the last minute! It was pretty cool, and the Kitchen Shoppe definitely has TONS of neat stuff there - more gadgets that I've ever seen in one place before, for starters. The food we ate was pretty good; I think I'll try the oven risotto, I'd definitely make the basil chicken pasta salad again, and the stuffed pork was also tasty and very tender. I also want to try making balsamic glaze sometime, even tho you can buy it and it's just as good. The chef was this very full of himself guy from Lancaster who talked about himself more than the food, but it was interesting stuff. He travels all over the world, has a BS in biochem or something, then went to cooking school, has some connection with the congress of the EU even tho he's an American, and is also somehow an RN to boot. He is also unmarried and, I think, gay - at the very least he couldn't possibly be doing all these things and even have a serious relationship, let alone a marriage or children.

I've heard from a lot of people so far about the LG Chocolate phone, all VERY bad with the exception of my cousin Betsy, who loves hers. I believe she has the newer model, the VX8550, and that everyone else has the VX8500. That's what I'm hoping anyway. So I might still get it...if I can't have the Chocolate, I want a brick phone, but I searched thru literally every phone for sale on Verizon's website last night, and not a single brick phone. They're all flip or slide, unless I want a PDA or blackberry, which I don't and besides can't afford. So that's my tale of woe...hehe...I'm so piteous, right? I mean, to have this kind of problem...

In other news, Paul and I are going to visit Hannah in Mansfield on the last weekend in March: sleep at her place Friday night, head up to the Finger Lakes in NY early Saturday, spend the morning walking around, hiking, grab lunch when we're hungry, and then Hannah wants to go to a wine tasting so hopefully we'll find a good place to do that - apparently also something they have a lot of around that area. Then I figure we'll head back to Mansfield and take Han out to dinner on the way, and spend the rest of the evening hanging out at the bar with whoever, and head home after brunch on Sunday late morning/early afternoon. Which reminds me, I need to sign myself out of choir for that Sunday. Oh, and the previous Sunday...whoops.


  1. You can't sign out of choir for the Sunday before the last Sunday in March. That is Easter and bells, to boot!

  2. Oh OK not that one, the one before. So I'm not missing two Sundays in a row - I'll be there Easter Sunday but not the Sunday before or after that.