Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Last Wednesday, Paul and I got a family membership at the YMCA! I'm very excited about it.

The very next morning, I got up early and went to do laps. I was amazed at how tired I got after only a few lengths of the pool - I used to be able to do 20+ laps! I'll get better.

This morning I did the elliptical machines instead of swimming, however, because I'm pretty sure it was the chlorine from the pool that gave me very puffy, itchy eyes for days afterwards, all the way thru Sunday. I ordered matching pink swim cap (to keep my hair out of my eyes) and goggles (to keep the chlorine out of my eyes) on Amazon, and they should be here later this week. Then the only thing I'll have to deal with is the dry, itchy skin from the chlorine, but I will keep lotion and face lotion especially to mitigate that.

So despite everything so far, I'm still REALLY excited to have a Y membership and be able to swim regularly. The exercise room is also very nice, with tons of elliptical machines (my fav), including some with individual TV's with a headphone jack, so you can not only tune into the radio frequency of the TV's on the wall, you can also watch just exactly what you want! Unfortunately all the radio waves flying around from the wall TV's makes it difficult for me to listen to NPR on my little radio...but o well.

Oh, and probably my favorite part of our Y membership, and something I didn't even know we'd get going into it, is an included membership at the HUGE outdoor pool and rec center just south of New Cumberland! I'm really excited that now I have a place to swim outside in the summer where I won't have to pay to get in every time. Yay!

I didn't get to bed early enough last night, so I'm going to try again tonight and hopefully do more elliptical machine tomorrow morning, but I also need to get to work early, so if I don't manage to get my lazy butt out of bed on time I'll go tomorrow afternoon instead and check out the crowd levels at a different time of day.

Paul and I also got ourselves an Easter present in light of our new Y membership: we went to the cool sneaker place in Swatara where they look at how you walk and your foot width and arches and stuff, and then give you a ton of sneakers to try on so you get a pair that fits perfectly. We each got a shiny, new, custom-fitted pair of sneakers to wear ONLY when we're working out at the Y or walking (which we've also done twice since last Wednesday). They're very nice, and Paul's are especially an improvement over previous sneakers, because at this place they were able to sell him extra-wide shoes for his extra-wide feet! I like my sneakers because they're so amazingly lightweight compared to any sneakers I've ever had before. Very cool. Then the plan is to stick with the same pair of sneakers and next time we need a new pair we can order the same ones online for cheaper.

So hopefully I'm on my way to a more beach-ready body by the end of May for Kelly's wedding week extravaganza at the Outer Banks!!

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