Sunday, April 06, 2008

Juniata Choir trip to Camp Hill a success!

I haven't uploaded the very few pictures I took yet, but the Juniata Choir's concert at Trinity was reasonably well attended, the choir sounded AMAZING, everyone loved the concert, we had some yummy snacks afterwards, and everyone found their homestays and got back on time the next morning. A very successful evening, IMHO. And hopefully they'll be coming back again in future years!!

In the mean time, enjoy this video I found on youtube from our Brazil tour in March 2005 (we're singing in Portuguese, not Spanish. This is Brazil, remember):

I'm famous! Haha. My hair looks awful, but please remember that we were in the tropics: it was incredibly humid, very warm, and no one had air conditioning, so there wasn't much hope for my hair. At least I can smile and play the claves at the same time, right?


  1. What are you talking about, girl? Your hair looks fine.

  2. sorry i missed the concert friday, but i was glad to see you sing from brazil!! you look just like eric...

  3. I think your hair looks good, Mer! I like the vid :)