Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I did 50 laps this evening at the YMCA!

April 1st I did 30 laps, then on the 3rd I saw the bulletin board at the pool with all the lap/mile equivalents, so I did 42 laps that day in order to have 72 total that week, or 1 mile! (We're calling one length of the pool a lap in this case.) Today I added myself to the little spreadsheet on the bulletin board, the "lap club." It just has a column for each day of the month, so that you can keep track of your laps for that month. Above that, there's a typed spreadsheet with everyone's names and their totals for each month so far in 2008. Next month, my name will be on there for April! Then I'll know, throughout the year, how many laps I've done each month, and can compare with the 20-odd others on the sheet. It's great motivation! So I have 122 laps so far in April! Yay.

Don't think I've lost weight yet, but I feel better, and I think I'm re-distributing a bit, if you know what I mean. Yay again!

It needs to get a *little* lighter and warmer in the mornings before I start riding my bike to work again, and also I want to get clipless pedals and shoes, and a bag that will fasten more securely to my pannier rack. And maybe a bike rack that will fit on the Matrix so I can take my bike to the Outer Banks in May.....

I love Spring!

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