Saturday, April 26, 2008

Moved In

Woke up at 7:30 this morning, Paul and I were dressed and out the door to TJ Homestyle for breakfast by 8:30. I had two delicious blueberry pancakes with blueberry sauce that powered me thru grocery shopping for cookie & pasta salad ingredients, then home to make the pasta salad and cookies, both of which turned out great. The cookies were the ball mason jar filled with all the dry ingredients made by the life skills kids at my mom's school, and it was perfect - made one tightly-packed cookie sheet. While I cooked, Paul went to the hardware store for brackets and made a mount for my bicycle on the back porch wall! It's so great. At 11:20, I grabbed the still-warm cookies, pasta salad in the fridge, and Paul and I headed to Harrisburg to help Kelly & Reed move in!

There were a bunch of people to help, including Kelly's dad and brother Jim, Reed's college roommate and his wife, Reed's mom and a brother, so with all of us it took probably less than an hour to unload the huge truck. Then we all sat around chatting, drinking beer, and eating pizza, pasta salad (which everyone likes, yay!), and cookies. Kelly's mom, sister-in-law, and niece got there to help organizing stuff, and Paul and I headed out to come home and get ready for our Juniata dinner theater evening at the Navy Club. That starts at 5:30 and it's 4:00 now, so I'd better hop in the shower! Should be a relaxing evening. I plan on drinking lots of wine. Oh, and I think I might be leading the alma mater, but we'll see.

PS: I saw Pastor Hardy on a bicycle as we drove thru Camp Hill this afternoon. Too cute!

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  1. Pr. Hardy told me he rode his bike to church this morning and it was exhausting. It must be part of his exercise routine!