Monday, February 02, 2009

Another to-do/schedule post

Monday evening:
- Zumba @ WSYMCA w Min & Kel 5:30
- Make something reasonably healthy for dinner - think low fat!
- Mail prescriptions in to Express Scripts
- Laundry
- Finish ripping HP3 to iTunes
- Finish Sarah & Ginny's sample invitations & mail them
- Upload knitting pics to Flickr
- Finish setting up Ravelry account (using above Flickr photos)
- Knit & go to bed

Tuesday evening:
- MWM (My Wonderful Mom) picks me up from work @ 5:00 PM
- MWM takes me to dinner @ Passage To India (YUM!!)
- MWM then drives me to St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg for
- 7:30 PM Mendelssohn's 200th Birthday AGO concert
*Come see me sing three beautiful pieces w ~15 other Trinity members!
*Celebrate Mendelssohn's 200th Birthday!
- Hopefully time for some more knitting before bed.

Wednesday evening:
- Maybe WSYMCA with Min at 5:00ish?
- 7:00 PM Herby's El Mexicano with lots of fun Nawakwa people for Mare's birthday celebration!
*Yes, that's two birthdays in a row, but this one is for a living person who is much younger than Mendelssohn.
- Multiple margaritas might not be conducive to knitting before bed, but I'm going to try to control myself...

Thursday evening:
- Manning the Juniata booth at the Harrisburg Academy's College Fair
- Hopefully time for plenty of knitting before bed

Friday evening:
- Hopefully WSYMCA with Min around 4:30
- Relaxing after a really busy week!!

Other things to do ASAP:
- Passport photos @ AAA to finally get updated passport application in the mail so that Paul and I can legally travel outside the country at some point.
- Have Hannah over for dinner so she can give us our delicious Christmas present
- Mail in application for March First Time Homebuyer's class
- Update automatic Amazon credit card payment to include YMCA membership and online prescriptions

I like being busy!! *Whew*

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