Monday, February 16, 2009

Chiang Mer II, House Hunt, and sweater update

Very yummy dinner tonight! Another permanent addition to our rotation, altho to make it for a young kid I'd have to figure out something other than mild curry paste that isn't really all that mild. Enjoy!

Also, here's our favorite house thus far:

Favorite based on list price, location, size and style of house, appearance, off-street parking, and a nice big backyard. We're scheduled to see the inside of it next Monday evening! Should be lots of fun, and hopefully educational.

We got to see the inside of two places on Saturday, and they were polar opposites: one was a bank-owned place that was way too shabby inside for us to take on, plus was too big for us. The other was FSBO and too brand-new for us to make our own to satisfy our DIY itch, and was maybe a little too small with no second floor AND no basement. Because of the newness, we recommended it to our other house-hunting couple friends.

Still working on the sweater, just barely started the first sleeve. Body is done to the armpits, waiting for the sleeves. Somehow I managed to knit not at all on my unexpected day off, but I did get a significant amount of laundry done, so it's OK.

Bed time!


  1. how many bedrooms? that house is super cute! the brick is in really good condition, too. one thing to look for: when you go in the house, if it's furnished, look behind the furniture at the walls and make sure they are in good condition. peek around the baseboards and where the ceiling meets the top of the walls for big deep cracks and water spots. it's hard to see that stuff in a furnished house, but man does it stick out once it's yours and it's empty...

  2. it's 2 or 3 bedrooms, probably I think depending on what you want to call the 3rd room, and based on experience from our apartment, probably that most people wouldn't call the 3rd room a bedroom: our apt was supposed to have two bedrooms, but the second is the room with the wood floor and 6 foot ceiling in the basement! But this is OK with me because i can use the questionable 3rd br as an office and still have a guest room that will eventually be a nursery. And hopefully the 3rd bedroom/office can also have a guest bed for company once there's also a baby.

    Thank you for the awesome advice! I will be sure to peek at all those things. I love advice!!