Sunday, February 08, 2009

No more facebook

So Paul has blocked my access to facebook.  Sometimes it's not so fun to have a tech-savvy hubby.

But I deserve it: I get sucked in and then I don't come to bed to snuggle.  I keep saying I want to start going to bed earlier, and facebook is one of the major players keeping me up late.  I'm weak.

Also, I was planning to give it up for Lent anyway.  I also plan to give up twitter for lent.  On Mardi Gras I'll post a status saying the date I'll be back, and then I won't even look at it until Easter.  If I succeed, it will be the first time I've ever stuck to something like that for Lent, unless you count me giving up, say, soda, which I hate and never drink in the first place.

Now I will hopefully finish more important things, like knitting and crocheting sweaters, booties, blankets, hats and toys for my various friends planning to push out babies all summer and fall.

Upon re-reading it a day later, this post sounds remarkably like a silly version of "he hits me because he loves me, and it's for my own good," but really, I do spend WAAAAaaaaay too much time on teh internets.

I need to get on facebook for a few minutes, though, so I can send a message to someone from my old job who just friended me...I'm not ignoring you, Diora!! I wonder if I can access facebook through Paul's computer?? Just one more hit, please, then I swear I'll quit! I can change, really!! Just once more, then I'm done forever!

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