Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Yesterday: picked Paul up at work at 6, met realtor to look at this house, then to the gym where I swam with Kelly and Paul walked/jogged around the track. Home for dinner, watching more West Wing, and of course massive amounts of conversation about this house and home buying in general. We REALLY liked the house, it is definitely on the short list. Plenty for us to customize and enjoy to feed our DIY tendencies, but nothing huge that would require immediate or costly attention.

Today: meeting Paul and realtor (a different one) at this house to finally see the inside, after much speculation and getting ahead of ourselves. If the inside is a complete hole (very possible: why else would they post only outside pics?), then we'll probably cross it off. If it's redeemable, we'll have to decide whether we want to buy a house on an entire acre of nice, flat, grassy, very garden-friendly land that we could gradually turn into our dream home and live in possibly forever, but that would be a BIG task for us to be taking on at this point in our lives; or whether we want to stick with plan A and get a starter home that won't have nearly so many potential issues and that we'll plan on selling to trade up in 5 years or so.

After that, Paul heads to class and I have a haircut at 4:30, followed by passport photos one last time, a trip to the post office to mail everything (Paul already got his passport and I am jealous! also afraid he might leave the country without me), and finally meeting Kelly at the YMCA for Cardio Kickbox.

Wednesday: Stopping by the house of the family whose house I'll be using to host four boys from the Theil College Choir on Saturday night, then to church for the Ash Wednesday service.

Thursday: Working late to get in some extra hours, then choir practice as usual while Paul is at class.

Friday: Leaving in the early afternoon with Kelly (I see a lot of her lately, it's a good thing we like each other) to head down to Camp Nawakwa while it's still daylight, possibly with a detour to see her niece who I haven't seen in almost a year. Somewhere in the past few days I need to have purchased some crusty bread to take down to Nawakwa for book group.

Saturday: More book group, dinner with Sally and Joan?, then the Theil College Choir concert at Trinity and heading to the house from Wednesday with four students for the night.

Sunday: Attempting to wake up myself and four college boys in time to get ready, eat breakfast, and be back at church by 9:30 AM.

I haven't had so many plans every day of the week since I don't even know when. Ack! Busy. Hopefully Paul will hear back from PNC today and we can go in and get pre-approved for a mortgage, and get a better idea of how much home we can really afford and what our monthly payments will be. But that's going to have to happen next week. And who knows, it's possible that within a month or two we'll be home owners! Wow.


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