Thursday, November 01, 2007


Two small but exciting things happened in the last 24 hours:

First, we went to Neato Burrito with Vince last night, and he let me play with his brand-new iPhone. I am quite satisfied now that I've gotten to play around with an iPhone, and am completely cured of any desire to own one. Plus we see Vince a lot, so I'll definitely get to try it out again soon. Hannah was right, the internet is excruciatingly slow on it without a WiFi hotspot in range, but it's still freakin' sweet.

Second, I have finally used the kitchen. Paul used the microwave to heat up some restaurant leftovers earlier this week, but this morning I used my new stove-top espresso maker, which I think came from Nicole as a wedding gift. I bought 1/4 lb of espresso at One Good Woman on Saturday, and finally found the espresso pot last night. It was damn good, and super easy and fast to make. I'm quite excited about having delicious espresso at my fingertips any time I want it. I can't wait to bake something chocolatey from the Ina Garten cookbook that calls for espresso.

And now it's bed time so that I can get to work by 9:00 tomorrow and hopefully finish everything in time to leave by 2:00 so that I can come home and finish painting the trim in the bedroom. If I could get the entire second coat on tomorrow, I could just do some quick touch-ups on Saturday, and then we'd FINALLY be finished with an entire room so that we can actually MOVE IN to the bedroom at least. Seriously, it's about time. I can't believe I thought we'd have the entire apartment done; painted, re-finished, and installed; in 2 weeks. What was I thinking??

At least I have Family Guy on Netflix.

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