Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Juniata Choir to sing at Trinity in Camp Hill!!

It's a wee bit early to be making that announcement, but I have the beginning details in place from both sides - Juniata Choir's Director and Trinity's Director of Music.

They will (probably) be singing at Trinity in Camp Hill on April 4, 2008 at 8:00pm. I also need to find homestays for all of them, so please let me know if you live in the area and can sleep 2 or more college students at your house that night, feed them breakfast, and get them back to the church the next morning.

In other news, I found my pair of kid's alice crocs a nice new home with my cousin Greer, and I'm enjoying both my new Berkenstocks (Thanks Ninny!!) and my new adult alice crocs (thanks Amazon gift card!).

I tried to start writing thank-you notes tonight, and while I have all of the cards from the wedding and the gift they came with written on the back of each, I cannot find the ten packs of thank-you cards I bought at Target while we were still in Virginia. I need to do some more searching for them before I give up and buy more thank-you cards...these were just so cute and perfect (purple-blue hydrandea petals on the front!!) and I don't know if Target will still have them. Hannah had bought me a few packs to write shower thank-you's, and I went back to Target before we even had the wedding just to make sure they'd still have them so I could get enough for the rest of my thank-you's. Maybe they still have them, but still, I can't bear to spend another $40 on cards that I already bought and will definitely find once we actually get to unpack everything and start living like normal people again.

I sure hope that happens before Christmas...I'd like to be able to maybe DECORATE my HOUSE (apartment) for CHRISTMAS so that when I wake up on Christmas morning for the first time beside my husband in our own bed, I can feel Christmas-y before we get to my parents' house.

I guess I'd be more likely to realize that goal if I'd stop sitting on my ass typing blog entries and start organizing things in the basement...



  1. can i just tell you that i only wrote the last of the thank you notes last night? six months it took me!!!! (i talk like yoda soemtimes) anyway, corey's relatives started calling his mom and complaining about not getting thanked, so off we went. i bought thank you notes at wal-mart on clearance for $1! i just got a pack of 50 classy ones for $1. at least i think they're classy...

  2. Target still has those cards, I think, but I can understand not wanting to buy more. I think you should copy Katy and just focus on getting the house organized before you do thank you cards, and then you'll probably find them, too.

  3. The notes might be in your former bedroom here. When we get Katy's notes, we will know whether or not they are classy!

  4. Mine are just so cute and perfectly designed that I can't bear to use any others. And I agree with Han, I think I'll find them when I finally get to do some unpacking. Mom, I checked in my old bedroom via Dad last night while I was looking, and I feel like he's good at looking for things, so if they were there he would have seen them. Small possibility they're elsewhere in your house, tho.