Monday, November 05, 2007


Picasa is awesome, and I have posted photos there.

I will add to the Home Improvement album once I've photographed our finished bedroom and the two other cabinets Paul has expertly installed in our kitchen. I also need to add some photos of the basement rooms!

Ninny, let me know about those shoes. My new ones are coming probably this week, so I really need to give these to you!!


  1. i tried to comment from phoenix (i just got home last night)and couldn't. i will trade you for a pair of birkis that i already have in the same pattern if you like....i wear 6.5 so i'll have to try them on!! the birkis are 36. we'll talk soon. i want to come up and go to wegmans...

  2. You two will see each other Friday in York.

  3. yup, and I'm bringing the shoes. They're just perfect on my foot, so I'm worried they might be too small for Ninny. And I don't need the traded pair, the whole point is that Paul thinks I have too many shoes, so since I'm getting a new pair I need to get rid of this pair. Altho I might take you up least borrow them for a while...I'll just tell Paul, "these don't count, they're Ninny's!"