Sunday, November 18, 2007

More photos

Photos of snow and Laura's wedding in NJ here

Last night Paul and I cooked our first meal made in some meaningful part in our own kitchen. Because it was easiest to find, we even got to use some wedding gifts: a little cuttingboard and a no-stick coated orange paring knife (very cool) to chop onions, and a green spatula to stir the onions and flip over the pierogies. This morning I even used the paring knife and cutting board again to add some fresh onions to our crock-pot-roast, which otherwise consists of a big hunk of red meat, two bags of frozen stew veggies, and some "boquet garni" I got in France last year.

*sigh* I was in France at this time last year...but this year I'm extremely happy to be looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family at my parents' house, the first Thanksgiving with my husband.

Oh yeah, and I also made a small pecan pie...mmmmmm...

Time for work...yay 3 day week followed by 4 day weekend!!

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