Monday, November 05, 2007

More Cabinets!

Paul hung two more cabintes in the kitchen yesterday evening! They look great. This week we might head over to Just Cabinets and get under-the-counter cabinets to finish the exciting!! Pictures soon, I swear. But this week I have vowed to start Thank-You cards, so cut me some slack.

Aunt Ninny - you wear a size 6 shoe, right? Do you want the red Kid's Alice Crocs I got a couple weeks ago? I really needed them to go with an outfit for a bachelorette party, and they're super adorable except that I could only find the kid's version, and I wanted the adult version. They fit me perfectly tho, so I think they'll fit you, I've only worn them twice, and this way I won't make Paul angry for buying two pairs of similar shoes...hehe...confession: I already ordered the adult version because they had them on Amazon, and I had $100 worth of Amazon gift certificates to blow, so I couldn't resist. Paul doesn't care about me spending the money, just the fact that I have way too many shoes...which I think is impossible...but still, I see where he could not appreciate me having two pairs of red mary-jane-style shoes at once...but if I give one pair to you, we'll all be happy!!

Other news: we also have a new carpet in the bedroom, and slept on our real bed all set up in the actual bedroom, so no more sleeping on the mattress on the dining room floor. It's also nice to be able to walk thru the dining room again.

Also, my Norfolk Island Pine died. Those stupid cats knocked it over twice, and then I haven't bought more dirt to fill the bigger pot Paul got for it, and now it's all brownish-green and sick looking. It wasn't expensive, so I think I'm going to chuck it and buy a new one at Highland Gardens in time for Christmas. The ones they sell at Lowes look nice, but they're covered in sparkle dust, and I don't want a plant covered in sparkle dust. Lowes also has mini-tree-shaped Rosmary that looks pretty cool, but I want my Norfolk Island Pine and some little tiny Christmas balls to hang on it.

OK gotta go...I'm trying to ride my bike to work this morning, for the first time in PA, yay!

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