Monday, March 16, 2009


SHE ACCEPTED OUR OFFER!!! She didn't even counter, so Paul and I are paying exactly what she paid for the house a couple of years ago...she even gave us the 1-year home warranty we asked for! The only thing she didn't accept was the closing date of April 30, she wants to wait until May 29 (the last weekday of the month is when you typically close). Which is fine with us! What's another month? We own a house!!

So you want to see pictures? I don't want to advertise the address, but it's in Shiremanstown, and I saved all the pics to my computer so I can post them. I'll post more after the home inspection, during which I think I'll be able to take a bunch of my own.

If you click on an image you can see it a little bigger.

The is also a third bedroom; the master bedroom has a half bath (no shower) and his & hers closets, plus my grandfather is giving us his nice bedroom suite with queen bed (YAY!!!); and the basement is half finished, with the other half going to laundry room and Paul's future man cave. There's even a separate room for Paul's man cave that also has a cedar-lined closet - isn't that cool? So we can keep some of our nice clothing down there and it won't get moths or anything! And the unfinished room where we'll put the washer and dryer will also have tons of space for an ironing board and plenty of storage. I am thinking up BUNCHES of other ideas already! WOW.

OMG WE OWN A HOUSE. FOR REALZ. SRSLY. As of May 29...woo hoo!!

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