Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Paul & I got pre-approved for a mortgage today! It was so exciting and not nearly as stressful as I thought. And Saturday we have an appointment with a realtor who comes recommended, and who works with my friend Jo's dad! So hopefully over the next few weeks we'll tour a handful of other houses, and then make an OFFER on one!!

Here's the list thus far; the red tack is already sold, and the pink tack is our FAVORITE so far by a pretty big margin. I think we'll tour it again with our official realtor and during the daytime so we can get a better feel for everything.

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If you click on a tack it should show you the info I typed, including a link to the listing (copy and paste it into the address bar).

We are SO EXCITED!!!


  1. all right team! i love the pink house, too. this is so rad! you'll be moved in somewhere by the time baby lev is born!!!

  2. My first Mburg apartment was on Apple Drive just a few blocks to the east of Allendale. I'll have to show you.