Sunday, March 08, 2009

All in all, a fun Sunday

This morning I had to wake up at 7:15 to be at church by 7:45, but since we started Daylight Savings Time last night it felt like getting up at 6:15. Not the best start to the day.

After church I went back to my parents' house to hang out with Hannah until she was ready to leave for Lebanon to visit our grandmother in the hospital. I hung out with here all afternoon yesterday too - it was a fun sister weekend. Yesterday she embroidered while I knitted, and we chatted and watched Food Network and Anthony Bourdain until Paul came to pick me up for our appointment with our realtor.

The whole looking at houses thing went very well, but I don't want to tell you about our new favorite yet, because we might actually be making an offer within a couple of weeks or less. So you can ask me directly, or I will blog about it once the process is farther along and our offer has been excepted. I will say that Paul and I are both REALLY excited, and thing are generally going smoothly - we're aligning with each other very well in terms of what timeline we're comfortable with and what houses we like. It's all very warm and fuzzy. I can't wait to have more concrete news for you!!

So anyway, Hannah and I went to visit Gommy in the hospital, hung out with her for about an hour (she was doing very well, sitting up on the edge of the bed to chat with us), and then we stopped by to see Addy, Franny, Aunt Judy, and of course Greer. Greer has been a little too big for lap-sitting for years now, but for some reason today she just wanted to sit on my lap! Furthermore, if I moved my hand just a little to, say, scratch my nose, she gently but firmly grabbed my wrist and pulled it back around her waist. Luckily, I got Judy to take a picture:

Greer is holding Hannah's foot because she was in the process of convincing Han that her foot was very smelly (it wasn't) and that Greer herself was not smelly, of which Hannah kept accusing her. Once she got off of my lap, Greer also told me that my feet were smelly. She was in a pretty good mood. It was quite amusing.

So that along with all the hanging out with Hannah and the happy house hunting made this a pretty darn awesome weekend and a good Sunday, even though it got off to a rough start and now I'm very tired and it's only 7 PM. Time for dinner with Paul followed by Battlestar Galactica 3rd-to-last episode! More house news as soon as I can share!

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  1. I love the picture of Greer with parts of Hannah and Meredith!