Friday, March 13, 2009

Make me an offer

Well, we made the offer this morning...and a few minutes ago our realtor called to say they did not accept it. Since we were reaching on this house, we gave them our best and final offer, so there's no counter-offer.

SO we're meeting with our realtor again tomorrow at 12:30 to write an offer on our other house, a rancher only two blocks away. This one is well within our reach, and our realtor thinks it's overpriced, so this time we'll be making a low but reasonable offer and then wait for a counter-offer. And then we will also counter, probably, and hopefully go back and forth until Paul and I decide to accept. And then we will hopefully close on April 30, and start moving in on May 1!

If this all works out, we'll give our 2 months' notice on our current apartment on April 1 so that we overlap for a month while we rip down wallpaper, maybe rip up some carpet, paint, and move into our new rancher. And then hopefully by August we'll be ready to have a big housewarming open house! You're invited.

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  1. when we made our offer and they countered kind of high, we used that as a bargaining chip to get them to pay for stuff at the house. we accepted their offer and they replaced the chimneys and repaved the walk out front. if there are any sort of medium to pricey upgrades you need, you should totally keep that in mind when you're bargaining w offers.